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We are a forward-thinking Canadian technology company that provides the foundation for the next generation of private and secure communication.

Our Mission

Increase data privacy and security through a communication ecosystem.

At ZeU, we capitalize on the adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and we create cutting-edge solutions to tackle challenges associated with privacy, security, transparency, big data, and tokenomics.

Ecosystem and growth

In collaboration with our partners and subsidiaries, we strive to create traction within targeted potential markets to empower both people and businesses.
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Patents and projects

Through a high level of sophistication, our team develops high user-value technologies which enable unparalleled levels of security and unprecedented privacy.
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Investment and ZeU

As we are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, our main strategy is to monetize DLT transactions in diverse sectors such as payment, gaming, data, and healthcare.
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Our technologies

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), such as blockchain, have become increasingly popular. Adopters have been seduced by its promise of revolutionizing the future through privacy and decentralization. The technology had a steep learning curve for investors, regulators, and innovators, which is now leading to a period of unprecedented mass adoption.

​​​​​​​ZeU is working toward direct market adoption by creating disruptive solutions that can be used in the average person’s life. Our product development is driven by industry-specific needs, thus enabling the smooth integration of legacy systems into the new digital economy.

Our patented technologies

Trustworthy and efficient, the following technologies are scalable and allow mass adoption of distributed ledger technology.
This system authenticates the sender and the recipient, encrypts the data, and stores it on the distributed storage service, guaranteeing the security of the email against exploitation by malevolent actors leading to data theft or corruption. This method supports both internal and cross-chain emails to interact with non-DLT email systems.
This method leverages decentralization and block spacing in distributed ledger technology to create actual random numbers without the security risks of other methods.
Unlike a traditional atomic swap, this method is protocol-agnostic, allowing for cross-chain, multi-chain transactions with any and all DLT protocols currently on the market or expected in the future.
This system removes the smart contract layer which adds unnecessary complexity and slowness, thus enabling exponential scalability and a smoother transition of legacy systems into Web 3.0
A system for realizing real-time data backup and recovery based on DLT, enabling full or partial recovery of any specified data snapshot in history. It has real-time performance, security, and reliable data storage and is more flexible to support today’s business realities.
A method for converting database-based applications into DLT-based applications by automatically monitoring, extracting and converting information, then completing a global data consensus to prevent data conflicts without requiring any modifications to existing applications, even if the databases are heterogeneous or have a completely different data structure.
A biometric digital wallet allowing the cold storage of cryptocurrencies. This invention acquires and utilizes user biometric information to ensure the security of the wallet.
The method records data modifications made by a database application into a corresponding database as well as on distributed ledger technology for global consensus confirmation without changing the existing application architecture and with minimal code changes to the existing application.
SAGE uses random number generation, currently ZeU’s Patented RNG (other inputs could be used), a codex, and an encryption key to ensure the security of data. The key mutates every time it is used, always keeping data ahead of decryption without sacrificing performance.
This method combines distributed storage and distributed ledger technology to store data fingerprints and keys on DLT.
This method structures a document in a granular fashion such that each block is encrypted based on a permission level and can be decrypted by the participant(s) it was aimed to address.

Our current projects

By leveraging our patented technologies with our partners’ expertise and connections, we are able to create new possibilities and opportunities.

Our ecosystem

Within the next decade, distributed ledger technology (DLT) will pervade daily life.

​​​​​​​ZeU is positioned to integrate DLT into market solutions for day-to-day life through the use of patented technologies. With our strategic partners, we are committed to creating a flexible ecosystem to nurture innovation with a practical edge.

Our Partners

ZeU takes a bifurcated approach, not only by developing technologies in-house but also by assisting partners to get their product to market. ZeU has a reverse-market program for product development.

​​​​​​​By searching first for clients, then partners to deploy patented technologies, the company remains agile and responsive to market needs.
ZeU partners with VSEKUR Network to handle security challenges associated with user data, data escaping, and network security. VSEKUR technology will be used within the infrastructure for healthcare big data amongst others.
In March 2019, ZeU acquired VN3T Technologies Inc. and its subsidiaries with the key IP of VN3T’s decentralized data marketplace platform and secured development services.
ZeU has agreed to provide its patented Random Number Generator and other related distributed ledger technologies to St. James House PLC (LSE:SJH), a UK licensed gaming operator, formerly known as BoxHill Technologies, by way of Joint-Venture for the establishment of a DLT lottery in Malta.
ZeU and Prego’s partnership brings microfinancing to the global foreign labor segment that lacks access to traditional banking services. Humanitarian organizations, refugees, and migrants benefit from infrastructure services, payment gateway access, customized online payment solutions, payroll, and payment card programs.
ZeU and Kamari work together to bring mobile gaming, lotteries, and payments throughout Africa. The combination of ZeU’s technology, Kamari’s ecosystem, and the Kamari coin creates a world without borders.

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Corporate information

ZeU began with the theory that DLT traceability would effectively solve the issue of conflict mineral resources being sold to perpetuate the militia fighting.

​​​​​​​This passion led Frank Dumas to China and back in search of the perfect team, which now develops technologies and products to enhance data privacy and security.​​​​​​​

We are listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange. CSE:ZEU

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Our team

A passion for DLT and encryption inspired the search for the perfect team to develop technologies and products to enhance data privacy and security.
Frank Dumas
President & CEO
Mark Billings
Director & CFO
Patricia Popert-Fortier
Director & COO
Oliver Qian
Chief Architect
Neha Tally
Director & Corporate Secretary
Lord Tim Razzall
Jasseem Allybokus

Financial information
​​​​​​​Capital structure

  • Canadian Securities Exchange Symbol: ZEU
  • Registrar and Transfer Agent: Computershare Investor Services Inc.
  • Bank: Scotia Bank, Montreal
  • Legal Counsel: McMillan S.E.N.C.R.L., s.r.l
  • Auditors: Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP
  • View our information on the CSE website.


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